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I will just say this, If you want somebody to use your money and work again you, this is your guy. He will make your life impossible. He thinks he is better than anyone else and will not help with anything. He just want to be friendly with the board members to make money for doing nothing.

My house is falling apart on the outside and this guy laugh at my face and even told me that he could managed the bylaws the way he wanted to.

I will recommend you to be very careful with this person and the hole tolley community management.


Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #1193952

The author is correct - Tolley does lie about "not receiving" emails from folks who own a home on a property that Tolley manages. Example: in spring 2016, a neighbor reported an external water line leak to Tolley.

He claimed he never got the email, but I know he did (I was BCC'd, and the sender received no bounce-back notification). As a result, the leak ran and ran for two full days before a plumber came out to do the repair. Guess who pays the water bill? We do.

Tolley's paying clients. Furthermore, the plumber left piles of red clay on our street that created a red clay mud river with every rain. We lived with that mess for 24 days.

Tolley never lifted a finger when we complained about the mess. His company just ignores emails.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1190664

Be careful around Mike Tolley. Very creepy dude.

Gets some sort of perverted pleasure out of harassing his paying HOA members via email. He will continue to send you sarcastic, holier-than-thou emails even after you ask him to stop responding.

This is intent to harm.

The really gross thing about this nut job is that he laughs at you over his own poor treatment of you.

He loves, loves, loves the Board members and will do their bidding, despite the majority homeowner opinion and vote against his decisions. Hires the worst contractors. Nothing but negative reviews about his egregious behavior online.... next stop: Woodstock police and a background check on this lunatic.

Be careful.

He has no regard for human life.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1190418

OMG - this is all absolutely true! Our community in Atlanta has had AWFUL experience with this company.

This guy actually considers it a compliment when you label him an a**hole. Serious. He loves to hurt the homeowners, in a very personal way. A narcissist, although he has no qualities to be proud of.

Arrogant. Know-it-all. Everyone else is wrong and he is right. All of the time.

Complete ***.

HOAs, stay far, far away from Tolley Community Management/Backyard Realty. Worst service EVER. They get paid to harass their very own clients. Problem is, our HOA president has an equally big ego (thinks he is King, not a Board director), so the two of them have turned our 50-unit community into one miserable, unhappy bunch.

They have let the landscaping go.

They hire the WORST contractors, that we have to continue to pay to re-do the SAME repair jobs over and over. Someone is getting their palms greased.


Yep, that's him in a nutshell. Arrogant, dishonest, takes the money, doesn't give a *** about getting the job done, and laughs when you complain about it.


He is a pathetic ***!


Tolley Community Management will not assist individual home owners when a neighbor violates issues that may be difficult for Tolley to address. Managers such as Jayme Parsons out right lie.

Once you have angered these people they harass you.

Never turn your HOA over to this company. You are wasting your HOA dollars.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #742890

I completely agree with this individual. They also team up with board members and harass homeowners who do not agree wth the board.

In other words they harass you for voicing your own opinions in meetings. They even allow boards to refuse to go by their covenants by refusng to step down and allow new board members to serve thereby creating a dictatorship.

to Anonymous Marietta, Georgia, United States #969118

If someone does not leave their name then I discredit anything that they say.


I am writing this to retract my previews statement/comment about Tolley community Management.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #672782

Hi everybody, this guy has been harassing me for almost a year, he will step outside using my HOA money to take pictures and give me fines. he is so despicable that he was able to create fake fines using others houses pictures.

Please check this company background, the only managed rentals and will treat you as one. He will get in the board side to get you to move out by diverting the bylaws in his own benefit.

I moved to this house a year ago and I asked more that 20 times for things that need repair and he will not do them, but he will use the time we pay for to go against you and harass you for no thinking as he want you to, been new owner or even worse I could even discriminate you for been different in any way.

I hope you use my advice because as the other lady I can not take it anymore and will have to sue them...

Marietta, Georgia, United States #650739

Tolley Community Management works hard at making sure we address any concern they may have. The Covenants and Bylaws are their rules, we have to follow them as well.

I wished this person would have posted their name so I could have looked up their account and commented on it. I would hope this person would call us so we can address their concerns and go over the Bylaws that they might be confused about.

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